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Mr. Scott Laird, Headmaster     

Mrs. Suzan Pruiett, Business Manager
Mrs. Kathleen Lopez, Admissions/Development
Mrs. Lisa Lockhart, Primary  Division Head

Mr. Matt Schifeling, Intermediate Division Head

Mr. Steve Edwards, Middle School Division Head

Mr. Randy Hall, Athletics Director

Mrs. Carol Stefany, Technology Director


St. Mary's Rector    

Father Eric Kahl 

Administrative Staff

Mrs. Anna Glover, Development Assistant
Ms. Johnna Henry, Administrative Assistant to Division Heads                   

Mrs. Ansley Kriz, Business Office Administrative Assistant

Ms. Mary Fran Meyer, Admissions/Development Assistant

Mrs. Janette Ransom, Receptionist, Administrative Assistant

Our faculty is one of St. Mary's most valuable assets. They are caring, experienced, professionals, many of whom have advanced degrees. Their teaching is enhanced by the excellent facilities and resources available to them, a superior teacher-to-student ratio, and their ability to work as an effective team. 

Primary  Division Head (Pre-K thru 2nd)
Mrs. Lisa Lockhart

Primary Division Faculty
Miss Adrienne Brightwell - Pre-K
Miss Mary Ashley Dickinson- Pre-K
Mrs. Helen McGrath - Pre-K  Assistant
Ms. Mendy Godwin - Pre-K Assistant

Miss Anne Barron- Pre-K Assistant
Ms. Sandy Bell - Kindergarten
Miss Sarah Hopkins - Kindergarten
Ms. Dee Garrett- K Assistant, Aftercare Coordinator
Mrs. Debbie Edwards - K Assistant, Aftercare Coordinator
Mrs. Marguerite Hagan- 1st Grade
Mrs. Liz Fingar - 1st Grade
Mrs. Susy DeAlejo - 1st Grade Assistant

Mrs. Heather Skijus- 1st Grade Assistant
Mrs. Flo Roberts - 2nd Grade
Miss Ellen Lauterbach- 2nd Grade

Mrs. Cyndi Cohen- 2nd Grade Assistant

Ms. Sarah McMichael - Computer

Mr. Donald Luikart - 1st-2nd Science, Production Technology

Mrs. Maria Cosentino - Spanish

Mrs. Michele Morris - Sacred Studies

Mrs. Meg Carte - Art

Mrs. Lori Jungers - Music      


Intermediate  Division Head (3rd thru 5th)
Mr. Matt Schifeling


Intermediate Division Faculty    

Mrs. Julianne Hendrickson  - 3rd Grade
Miss Sarah Hamill - 3rd Grade
Mrs. Dawn Ebaugh - 3rd Grade Assistant

Miss Katie Rief - 4th Grade
Miss Danielle Roverts - 4th Grade

Mrs. Paige Dingman- 4th Grade Assistant

Mr. Donald Luikart - 3rd-4th Science, Production Technology

Mr. Matt Schifeling - 5th Grade Social Studies

Mrs. Ashley Bassler - 5th Grade, Language Arts

Ms. Judy Sutfin - 5th Grade Science

Mrs. Paige Gibbs -  5th Grade Math

Ms. Sarah McMichael - Computer

Mrs. Maria Cosentino - 3rd Grade Spanish

Mrs. Lynn Peate - 4th-5th Grade Spanish

Mrs. Michele Morris - Sacred Studies

Mrs. Meg Carte - Art

Mrs. Lori Jungers - Music

Middle  School Head (6th thru 8th)
Mr. Steve Edwards


Middle School Faculty

Mrs. Lynn Peate - Spanish
Ms. Keith Blouin - 6th-8th Latin, Mythology
Ms. Jean Bauer - 8th History, 7th Science

Ms. Andrea Cardenas - 6th Language Arts

Miss Emily Kirkwood - 7th-8th Math

Mrs. Julie Draper - 6th-8th Math

Mrs. Paige Gibbs - 5th-7th Math

Mr. Ian Edwards -  6th Math

Mr. Steve Edwards - 8th Science
Mrs. Janeen Henson - 7th-8th Language Arts

Mr. Scott Laird - 8th Speech
Mrs. Linda Boza - 6th-7th Social Studies

Ms. Judy Sutfin - 6th Science

Mrs. Michele Morris - Sacred Studies

Mrs. Meg Carte - Art

Mrs. Lori Jungers - Music

Ms. Sarah McMichael - Computer


Mr. Randy Hall, Athletic Director, Physical Education

Miss Marissa Mohammed, Physical Education 

Mr. Ian Edwards, Physical Education


Mrs. Meg Carte - Art

Ms. Sarah McMichael - Computer
Mrs. Ramsay Jones - Librarian, A.R.

Mrs. Lori Jungers - Music and Performing Arts

Mrs. Duane Rector - Library & Fine Arts Assistant

Mrs. Michele Morris - Sacred Studies
Mrs. Maria Cosentino - Spanish

Mrs. Lynn Peate - Spanish

Mrs. Keith Blouin - Latin

Maintenance Staff
Mr. Scott Spencer

Mr. Manny Cardona