Our technology curriculum has three primary focus areas that include digital literacy, keyboarding, and digital citizenship.
Starting in the Primary Division, pre-kindergarten through second grade, students begin using computers and iPads in their classroom, as well as in the computer lab.  Primary students focus on learning the four main parts of the computer and how those parts interact with one another. Students participate in weekly direct instruction in our computer lab, and engage in various computer-based activities that correspond with concepts they are learning in their classrooms. Formal keyboarding begins in kindergarten with Keyboarding Without Tears. This keyboarding curriculum corresponds with Handwriting Without Tears, which is the handwriting curriculum used in grades pre-kindergarten through four.  Formal keyboarding instruction continues all the way through eighth grade. Additionally, primary students study introductory digital citizenship concepts which enables them to start building a strong foundation in knowledge regarding how to be safe online and creating a positive digital footprint. Lastly, once students reach first grade, they learn how to use our email system, as well as Google Drive where they create and share Google Docs and Google Slides.
In the Intermediate Division, grades three through five, students continue to use Keyboarding Without Tears for the formal keyboarding instruction, as well as further study of age appropriate digital citizenship concepts. Also, students engage in projects and activities that enable them to apply their computer and technology knowledge to increase their digital literacy, as well as begin the process of learning how to conduct meaningful and effective Internet-based research. By the end of fifth grade, students are proficient in essential Internet-based research skills, and are well prepared to further apply their technology and computer-based knowledge as they enter into Middle School.
Once students enter the Middle School, grades six through eight, they engage in project-based learning where they synthesize technology and computer-based knowledge to complete a variety of assignments. Moreover, students fine tune their keyboarding skills, as well as further develop their digital citizenship and age-appropriate social media knowledge. By the time our students graduate from eighth grade, they are well prepared with a large spectrum of core technology and computer-related knowledge that they can utilize as they continue their academic careers into high school and beyond.