The Intermediate Division at St. Mary’s includes grades three through five. These are the transitional years between the Primary and Middle Divisions. We provide a rich educational experience that is diverse and well-rounded with a full enrichment program including art, music, Spanish, physical education, library, technology, and religion. The educational experience is delivered by a dedicated, fabulous faculty. They know and love the children in their care and serve as positive role models. There are many opportunities to have fun in the Intermediate Division as well. Whether it is an afterschool club such as Concert Band or an exciting field trip to the Kennedy Space Center, the students in grades three through five truly enjoy school. Through opportunities presented both in and outside of the classroom, students experience gradually increasing expectations to help them develop their academic skills, build character, learn responsibility, and improve their organizational skills. We ultimately strive to have them ready to manage a middle school schedule and curriculum as confident, independent students
"Ask questions that show you are thinking, not to avoid it."