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From the first day a student walks through our doors, we embark on a shared journey of learning, growth, and self-discovery. At St. Mary's, we believe that true success extends beyond academic achievements. We strive to nurture a well-rounded individual, one who is intellectually curious, compassionate, and equipped with the skills to navigate the ever-changing world. We recognize that every student learns differently and progresses at their own pace which is why we're dedicated to supporting and guiding them on their path to reaching their full potential so they can live successful and fulfilling lives.

A teacher smiling at a student with the student's Lego activity in the foreground.



The Student Success Team at St. Mary’s Episcopal Day School is dedicated to supporting the “whole child” journey of each student, nurturing each individual as he or she grows academically, emotionally, spiritually, physically, and socially.

Academic Enrichment and Remediation

We provide additional learning experiences for students to supplement their individual journeys in the classroom. These experiences include small group and one-on-one interactions.

A teacher assisting a student with their work in the enrichment center.

The Science of Learning

We provide age-appropriate scaffolding and support structures to teachers, parents, and students to assist in the educational journey. As a partner school with The Center for Transformative Teaching and Learning (CTTL), an organization focusing on Mind Brain Education Science, we are committed to training faculty, parents, and students on research-based best practices connected to the science of teaching and learning.

Two students and three teachers interacting with science projects.

Executive Functioning and Self-Regulation

We assist in developing students’ skills related to self-regulation, goal setting, cognitive flexibility, organizing and prioritizing, memorizing, and metacognitive tasks. We partner with students in allowing them to take smart risks and “learn how to learn,” and we are committed to instilling a growth mindset in students. We believe that ensuring these competencies are essential to one’s success in academia and are key components in life beyond the classroom.  

A student inside a a circle of building blocks during an activity.

Spiritual, Social, Emotional, and Physical Well-Being

We believe that all students should feel safe to grow spiritually, socially, emotionally, and physically in a caring and nurturing environment. We are committed to a whole-child approach to education, as is reflected in the makeup of our Student Success Team. We are committed to a culture of kindness rooted in our Episcopal Identity and proactively emphasize anti-bullying and non-discriminatory practices as part of this approach.

A group of six female students on the playground.

Interpersonal Skills

Soft skills developed at SMEDS include problem-solving, communication, critical thinking, time management, flexibility, work ethic, dependability, and teamwork.  We partner with our colleagues to ensure that our students develop these essential skills related to working, interacting, and leading others while becoming productive, committed global citizens.  We aspire to fulfill our promise to impart and develop the Qualities of a Saint in each student. 

A group of students in desks doing a flashcard activity.


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