primary division at st. mary's

continuing the childhood journey

The primary division at St. Mary’s Episcopal Day School is where every day is a new adventure. The classroom experience in pre-k through second grade provides a comprehensive program, encompassing all areas of student development and aligns with the mission of the school. The learning environment is an inspiring and joyful place full of opportunities for learning and growth.  Students are provided with developmentally appropriate lessons and activities, along with a variety of enrichment classes (Spanish, Art, Music, Science, STEM, PE, and Religious Studies).

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A formal headshot photo of faculty member Robin Page..

Primary Division Head: Robin Page
Appointed: 2022

laying the foundation

The primary division at St. Mary’s Episcopal Day School consists of classrooms that provide a comprehensive curriculum, encompassing all areas of student development. Students are provided with developmentally appropriate lessons and activities, along with a variety of enrichment classes.

  • Language Arts (reading, grammar, writing, spelling, vocabulary)
  • Math
  • Social Studies
  • Science
  • Spanish
  • Religious Studies
  • PE
  • STEM
  • Art
  • Music
  • Library Accelerated Reader
  • SWAG (Student Wellness and Growth)

St. Mary's is an inspiring and joyful place full of opportunities for learning and growth. It's a perfect balance of letting kids be kids for a little bit longer while simultaneously preparing them for life after St. Mary's regardless if that's 9, 5, or 3 years away.

intention and purpose

Lessons, activities and enrichment offerings are intentional and purposeful and meet the goals of providing a nurturing and challenging, as well as stimulating environment for children to grow socially, emotionally, spiritually and academically. Opportunities for learning by doing lead students to foster skills of independence, organizational skills, and time management.  


igniting the imagination

Dedicated teachers know each student and are committed to providing an experience that is safe, joyful, and emphasizes a classroom environment designed to ignite the power of imagination that promotes growth. Through a variety of teaching approaches students are exposed to a wide range of key skills and experiences. Each grade level builds on the concepts and work ethic of the year before to guide the students toward higher levels of reading, writing, and math. Problem-solving and critical thinking skills are challenged at all levels. The program incorporates active, hands-on learning activities and lessons in order to accommodate a variety of learning styles and needs.


a community of love, support, and respect

St. Mary’s has a strong sense of community and a commitment to positive character development, social and emotional skills, and spiritual growth. Social and emotional learning is fostered throughout a child’s experience at school. A common goal amongst the classrooms is to guide students in developing positive and trusting relationships, developing good character, and a love for each other. Regular communication with families is an integral aspect of the program so that we can work alongside each other for the benefit of the child. St. Mary’s supports the children’s progress throughout their learning journey by continual observation, planning, documentation, evaluation and reflection.


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We are currently accepting applications for the 2025-2026 academic year. The Admissions Committee evaluates applicants based on their application, school record, teacher recommendation, interviews, observations, and admissions assessments.

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