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8 acres of opportunity in florida's sunshine

St. Mary's School was established in 1953 and underwent a complete rebuild 48 years later in 2001. The campus consists of a main school building, St. Mary’s Church, The Laird Center, St. Mary’s Hall, and numerous beautiful outdoor spaces.

All St. Mary’s students attend classes in the main building, further enhancing our opportunities for interaction and relationships across age groups. The most up-to-date equipment, furnishings, technology, and safety promote the finest learning environment.

Our campus boasts to two spacious playgrounds, a lush courtyard, a sprawling athletic field, and a well-maintained outdoor hardcourt, providing students with ample opportunities to play, explore, and learn outdoors. Our campus is also home to St. Mary's Church, a special place where we gather as a community to worship, learn, and grow in faith. Our chapel services are inclusive and welcoming to students of all backgrounds and faiths.

St. Mary's Campus at Sunrise


St. Mary’s Church was also rebuilt in 2002.  This beautiful church is home to our twice-weekly chapel services for all students, as well as many special school events.  The school enjoys a steadfast relationship with the members of St. Mary’s parish. Stained glass from the original St. Mary’s Church now resides in the new church and school. Learn more about St. Mary's Episcopal Church!

The heart of the campus is the main two-story building consisting of classrooms, a health room, science and STEM labs, two music rooms, a video production studio, administrative offices, the Student Success Center, conference rooms, an After School Care area, a faculty work area, and a library.

The Laird Center was completed in the fall of 2014 and contains a full court gymnasium with two full-size practice courts, athletic equipment facilities, and boys' and girls' locker rooms. The Laird Center also includes our three-classroom Art Studio, additional classrooms, three offices, a food servery, an 8th grade lounge, a patio and balcony, and the school's Board Room.

St. Mary's Hall is the home for our performing arts productions, assemblies, meetings, and many other school, Parents’ Association, and parish events.

Our spacious eight-acre campus allows students to enjoy a regulation-size soccer field with state-of-the-art turf, as well as an outdoor covered hard court and multiple turfed recess areas. Our campus also includes two separate playgrounds and swings.


Our Library includes more than 15,000 volumes, student iPads, a separate classroom space, and substantial reference materials. The St. Mary’s Library is also home to our Video Production Studio, where middle school students produce our morning news program, “Saints at 8,” broadcast to our entire school.

St. Mary’s offers three science classrooms; one for Pre-Kindergarten through fourth grade students, another for fifth and sixth grade students, and a fully-equipped chemistry lab for seventh and eighth grade students. Our science classrooms are designed for hands-on, interactive learning.

St. Mary’s also has two STEM labs, with a focus on engineering, technology, and math activities. The downstairs Innovation Lab serves Pre-K through fourth grade classes, and the upstairs STEM lab serves fifth through eighth grade classes. Additionally, each school classroom is equipped with a state-of-the-art, interactive NovoTouch screen and class sets of student iPads.

To foster creativity and self-expression, our three-classroom Visual Arts studio is designed for the use of many mediums, as well as art history, lessons on renowned artists, graphic design, and much more, including creating artwork often displayed in the St. Mary’s gallery.  Meanwhile, our music classrooms are spacious and sound-proof, encouraging a complete experience with vocal, dramatic, and instrument instruction, including violins, percussion, ukuleles, guitars, keyboards, and more.

St. Mary’s is well-equipped to support students academically, socially, emotionally, and spiritually. The Student Success Center on the first floor includes the offices for the Primary and Intermediate Division Learning Strategist, the School Counselor’s office, and the Nurse’s Office. The Learning Strategist for Grades 5-8 is on the second floor of the main building, and the school’s Chaplain is based in the church office.

The After School Care area is located in classrooms adjacent to our primary playground. St. Mary’s After School Care provides a study area with class texts available, crafts, games, snacks, and outdoor play. After School Care is available from 3:15 - 6:00 p.m.