Our vision for the future

Paramount to any strategic plan is making plans now to ensure success in the many years ahead. We are committed to ensuring that St. Mary’s remains a great school for decades to come. To do this, our strategic plan was created to serve as a guidepost for all that we aspire to achieve. We're proud that many of the initiatives included are already underway and/or completed. Numerous tasks or goals in this plan include no financial cost, just an allocation of time, resources, and energy from responsible parties. The initiatives that do have a financial element to them are an investment in what we believe to be the true difference makers in a St. Mary’s education: people and programs.

Focus Areas Include:

  • Student Programs
  • Advancement
  • Faculty and Staff
  • Board of Trustees

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tomorrow starts today

In October 2021, our Board of Trustees and senior administrative team embarked on a Strategic Planning and Strategic Financial Planning exercise, working side-by-side the global private independent school management-support firm, Independent School Management (ISM). This process took place over several days and included a detailed analysis of constituent surveys, research and discussions related to current trends and best practices, and opportunities for school leaders to both reflect and dream about possibilities and opportunities. The goal of a well-coordinated strategic plan and the heart of the work our superb Board of Trustees are tasked with truly go hand in hand.

More than ever, we are committed to attracting and retaining the best faculty and staff possible. We strive to create a workplace that, through a supportive culture, inspiring emphasis on professional growth and collaboration, in addition to a salary and benefits package that meets or exceeds identified industry benchmarks, makes our school a highly sought-after destination for high quality, student-centric educators. In addition, we are determined to ensure that our PK-8th educational journey continues to provide the essential tools and skills for students to graduate prepared to thrive in high school, college, and society. We aim to create graduates who embody our Qualities of a Saint and who will leave our classrooms, hallways, stages, and playing fields well-equipped to make our world a better place.
Our hope is that this plan ignites excitement in you for what the future holds at St. Mary’s Episcopal Day School.

2023-2024 Board of Trustees


The Board of Trustees in a group photo.


Fr. Mario Milian
President of the Board and Rector

Christopher Davitt
Chairman of the Board

Jay Annis '90 

 Brent Bigger 

Patricia Brawley


 Mary Beth Byrd

Charles Davis ‘01

Lisa Dreisbach (Parents' Association President 2023-2024)

Bradford Hale (Treasurer)

Jess Johnson (Vice Chair)

Dr. William (Bill) Kerr (Sr. Warden, St. Mary's Church)

Carrie Krieger



Jay Langford ‘87

Laurin Morgan

Patrick O'Connor

The Hon. Frances Perrone

Amanda Rockwood (Secretary)

Steve Salvo (Head of School)