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Thank you for your consideration toward supporting St. Mary's Episcopal Day School!  Your donation provides financial resources to enhance and further the mission of St. Mary's School. We are grateful for your support. For your tax purposes, St. Mary's Episcopal Day School’s tax ID number is 59-1985294. Donations are fully tax-deductible and we will provide a receipt for your records. Thank you!

Annual Giving

The Heart of Gold Fund is St. Mary's Episcopal Day School's annual appeal for support. The money raised in the Heart of Gold Fund provides a financial bridge between tuition and the school's annual operating expenses by supporting areas such as the Sigety Fund for Professional Development, technology enhancement and improvement, and the St. Mary's Endowment Fund.

There are nearly 450 children on campus each school year, and while our leadership operates our budget in a fiscally sound manner, the fact remains that tuition alone does not cover the cost of a St. Mary’s education.  The gap between tuition and the actual cost of education equates to about $1,500 per child, and our Heart of Gold Annual Campaign ensures that we bridge this gap.  Every dollar given to the Heart of Gold Fund is an investment in the continued enrichment and education of St. Mary’s students and has a tremendous impact on the school’s budget. When we close the gap, St. Mary’s is able to keep tuition competitive with other area schools, our teachers are encouraged to grow and approach teaching with passion and innovation, and our students continue to enthusiastically learn and develop. Most importantly, participation in the Heart of Gold Fund shows a strong level of support for our school from within.  

During the 2018-2019 school year, nearly $320,000 was raised to support St. Mary's through the Heart of Gold Campaign. 


The Heart of Gold Campaign is much more than a fundraising effort. Its impact goes beyond dollars; it allows us to build relationships and create a culture of philanthropy at St. Mary’s School. Each fall, SMEDS parent volunteers conduct the Annual Fund drive. Our volunteers play a vital role in the success of the campaign. We cannot say "Thank You!" enough to these dedicated parents. We invite you to participate in the campaign and help accomplish the mission and objectives of the school.

St. Mary’s gratefully acknowledges our parent volunteers for their valuable assistance with the Heart of Gold Annual Fund Campaign.

St. Mary's Parents' Association

This year's Parents' Association Benefit & Auction will be held March 5, 2021 with a Mardi Gras theme ~ Let The Good Times Roll! And following 2020, won't we all be ready to let the good times roll?!  If you are interested in supporting the exciting event by sponsorship or purchasing tickets, please visit
Thank you!

Pass the Torch Capital Campaign

We are thrilled to be full speed ahead on a $3.5 million capital campaign, aptly named Pass the Torch.  The goals of this campaign are two-fold: to address several capital improvements that the Board of Trustees identified through Strategic Planning, and to pave the way for the smoothest possible transition for our new Head of School, Steve Salvo.  
Security, $1 million goal: Enhancement of security systems, including implementation of new keypad entry system and coverage of annual service fees, as well as the introduction of additional features that will integrate with St. Mary’s current system and be adaptable for future needs.
Artificial Turf, $1 million goal: Replacement of athletic field and recess area grass with artificial turf while incorporating landscape improvements campus-wide.
Activity Vans and Transportation, $250,000 goal: Purchase of activity vans to add to the St. Mary’s fleet, offering more flexibility for field trips, club use, and sports teams as the current buses are phased out. This component of the campaign will also allow St. Mary’s to structure a fund to assist with transportation needs beyond that which activity vans can accommodate.
Technology, $250,000 goal: Modernization of interactive technology in all classrooms, including enrichment, science labs, and the library; as well as upgrades to video production studio equipment and St. Mary’s Hall cabling.
Endowment, $1 million goal: Additional funding will support the Sigety Fund for Professional Development so it reaches a self-sustaining level, as well as a creation of a Faculty Expansion Fund within the endowment to support the learning resource program and allow the next Head of School to expand St. Mary’s faculty to meet the evolving needs of the school.  

To support the St. Mary's Pass the Torch Capital Campaign, please visit this link: PASS THE TORCH


As an adult member of the St. Mary’s community, think about your experience as a student. Very few of your successes here happened by chance. A great amount of time and care goes into each student's development. The hard work, dedication, and constant communication by our faculty created a reputation for producing successful graduates like you. SMEDS continues to provide the same academic and nurturing environment for our current students and their families. This is what makes St. Mary’s a success.

You have woven together many educational opportunities and experiences to become the person you are today. We hope that in some significant way your experience at SMEDS helped contribute to your success.

Just as you needed St. Mary’s when you were a student, St. Mary’s needs you. Be a part of the school's long-term success. Your gift to the Heart of Gold Annual Campaign helps to guarantee the school's future. With your philanthropic gift, you ensure that future generations have the opportunity to learn, discover, dream, and succeed at St. Mary’s Episcopal Day School.

To make a gift to St. Mary's today, please email for information.