making a difference

one act of kindness at a time

St. Mary's students participate in service learning at each stage of their academic journey.  We believe that community service is an essential part of a well-rounded education, building on the "Compassionate" Quality of a Saint. 

Grade-specific outreach projects teach students that they can make a difference in the world while also instilling a sense of gratitude and empathy. It's a meaningful way for children to build a foundation of contributing to the community and serving others less fortunate than them, truly living out their faith through actions.

A kindergarten class donating gifts to the Children's Cancer Center


Students also have the opportunity to connect learning to the real world.

Primary Division students standing around donated gifts

Primary Division

Students in pre-kindergarten through 2nd grade take pride in outreach projects that teach our youngest Saints the impact of compassion for others. From collecting gifts for the Children's Cancer Center and Metropolitan Ministries, to stuffing hygiene bags for Isaiah 117 House and reading to shelter dogs and cats at the Humane Society, our students know that you're never too young to "fill someone's bucket" and make a positive impact on the world around you. 

A classroom of intermediate division students in uniform.

Intermediate Division

Our 3rd, 4th, and 5th grade students build on outreach projects from their time in the Primary Division. Worthy causes supported by this division have included The Junior League of Tampa's Diaper BankClothes to KidsSave the ManateeMake-a-Wish, and more.

A classroom of Middle School students standing around donations.

Middle SChool

Middle school is the culmination of service-learning at St. Mary's with more hands-on community service projects for students in grades 6 to 8. Our school has been a proud member of the Adopt-a-Route program of Meals on Wheels for more than 25 years, and 7th grade students enjoy the weekly responsibility of delivering meals to neighbors who are unable to leave their homes. Students in 8th grade participate in quarterly service projects that vary each school year based on the needs of local non-profits. Some of the done-in-a-day projects have included reading at a Title 1 school, working at LaVoy Exceptional Center, sorting the pantry at End 68, organizing the gift closet at Celebrate Birthdays, and more. Additionally, Student Council hosts annual school-wide food drives for organizations like End 68 Hours of Hunger and Feeding Tampa Bay who tackle food insecurity in our area.

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