one school, one family

United in Learning and Growing

St. Mary's is not just a school. It's a community of wonder, learning, and growth. It's a community where young minds flourish, where laughter echoes through the hallways, and where every child is cherished for their unique talents and dreams. It's a community - a family- that nurtures curiosity, promotes kindness, and fosters resilience.

Within our walls, the magic of learning meets the warmth of belonging. We learn together; we grow together, we laugh together, and face challenges together. We're a place where every child, parent, faculty and staff member are celebrated for who they are.

Whether students are in pre-k taking their first brave steps into education or are 8th graders preparing to take on the world, our students are supported by every single member of our special community who are there waiting to light the path for them. We are dreamers, thinkers, and doers; a community of diverse backgrounds, cultures, and stories - all united in the pursuit of excellence and the celebration of childhood.



A teacher reading a book with a student sitting next to her.

Faculty and Staff

Empowering and Compassionate 

Our faculty and staff don't just impart knowledge; they build connections, understand individual needs and foster a sense of belonging that reaches far beyond the classroom walls. They see the potential in each child and work tirelessly to unlock it, blending creativity with knowledge and compassion with discipline.


A mom and her child.


Partners in Education

The involvement and support of our families truly makes our community extraordinary. Families are our partners in this educational journey, contributing their time, resources, and endless enthusiasm. They're the cheerleaders at sports events, the volunteers at school functions, and the supportive network that ties us all together and enhances the quality of campus life.


Altar servers walking down aisle with a cross and candles during church service.

St. Mary's Episcopal Church

To know Christ and Make him known

The heart of our school's community is St. Mary's Episcopal Church–an open, welcoming, and diverse congregation called to create ever-widening circles of fellowship. The cornerstone of the parish is to educate from a place of love and offers programs ranging from Sunday School and youth engagement to adult Christian Education and active Senior ministries.


Former St. Mary's students wearing their college sweatshirts.



St. Mary's boasts a vibrant community where the relationship between the school and its alumni is close-knit and supportive. From Rhodes Scholars and engineers to restaurateurs, opera singers, and White House Liaisons, we're proud to have over 1,000 graduates and an alumni network that is actively engaged and connected to the school. 


Get to Know St. Mary's

Students teach us as much as we teach them. They share their perspectives, dreams, and talents They enrich our school with every word and action. They're young artists painting their futures, budding scientists exploring the universe, and empathetic leaders shaping a kinder world. They inspire us with their courage, their questions, and their boundless enthusiasm.

Why ST. Mary’s?

Meet Miss Louise

Discover the Magic of St. Mary's

We understand there are a lot of questions when considering schools. We’re here to answer those. Connect with us to discuss your questions.

Let us help you determine if St. Mary's is the right fit for your child.


We're eager to welcome your family to our vibrant community and show you how we inspire curiosity, kindness, and dignity. We look forward to sharing more information, getting to know your child, and helping you get to know St. Mary’s Episcopal Day School.


Schedule a visit to explore St. Mary's School, located on 8.5 acres in sunny Tampa. Our campus facilities include classrooms, laboratories, art and music studios, a performing arts facility, a library, a gymnasium, playgrounds, athletic fields, St. Mary's Church, and much more.


We are currently accepting applications for the 2025-2026 academic year. The Admissions Committee evaluates applicants based on their application, school record, teacher recommendation, interviews, observations, and admissions assessments.

Facts and Figures

St. Mary's is a co-educational, independent school, serving pre-kindergarten through 8th grade, and is fully accredited by the Florida Council of Independent Schools and the Southern Association of Independent Schools. Most students live within the sunny South Tampa area. The school is housed in a two-story building consisting of 33 classrooms, a health room, two science labs, two art rooms, two music rooms, video production studio, computer lab, eight administrative offices, conference rooms, a faculty work area, and a media center containing more than 15,000 volumes. Additionally, the presence of a specialized outdoor classroom significantly enriches the learning experience, offering a dynamic and immersive environment that stimulates engagement and discovery.


Student-Teacher Ratio


Students On Campus


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