Learn, Love, Lead

Our mission is to inspire curiosity, kindness, and dignity in a caring Christian community. We value academically curious, socially conscious, kind humanitarians. 

St. Mary's is a place where students are encouraged to be inquisitive, question, and seek knowledge about the world around them. The school is committed to creating a community where students feel supported as they explore their interests and discover their passions.

We place a strong emphasis on academic excellence and value students who are eager to learn and challenge themselves. St. Mary's recognizes the importance of social consciousness and global awareness and seeks to instill in its students a sense of responsibility toward their fellow human beings.

We are committed to cultivating a diverse and inclusive community where all people are treated with respect and dignity, as guided by our Episcopal principles. At St. Mary's Episcopal Day School, everyone has the opportunity to thrive because all perspectives and experiences are valued both inside and outside the classroom.

At St. Mary's, Learn ~ Love ~ Lead is not merely a motto. It is a credo that students, faculty, and parents can feel whenever they step on campus. Our students are inspired to accept challenges in the classroom, support teammates on the field, delight audiences from the stage, motivate thought with public speaking skills, accept failure as an opportunity to learn, and care for members of our greater community.

A group of smiling students standing outside with dog..

Our Pre-Kindergarten through 8th grade model seamlessly combines engaging primary years with enriching middle school experiences. Our students' learning paths are nurtured with strong early foundations while equipping middle school students for future leadership opportunities before high school.

Our Episcopal Identity

St. Mary’s is proud to be an Episcopal parish day school. St. Mary’s Church provides the mission directives for the School, with the Rector serving as the President of the Board of Trustees and the Church Vestry empowering the Board of Trustees to guide the strategic direction of the school. 

As part of our religious education, we conduct regular chapel services and provide students with courses in scripture, ethics, the Judeo-Christian tradition, world religions, and other religious subjects, but there is much more to our Episcopal identity. Our work, along with the work of the 1200+ other Episcopal schools throughout the United States, is rooted in the baptismal covenant that states we are to “strive for justice and peace among all people and (to) respect the dignity of every human being.” We celebrate God‘s love and grace regularly and embrace our existence as a community that is open to families of all faiths.

Three students holding candles and a cross.
Student outside holding tall cross.

We invite each individual, regardless of origin, religion, or background, to ask questions and to seek answers regarding their own journey of faith, beliefs, and identity. Beginning on the first day of Pre-Kindergarten, this journey can be characterized by the growth of each student's academic, spiritual, emotional, physical, and mental health. We believe the main focus of Episcopal schools should be creating and maintaining a safe community where this type of growth can regularly occur for all students.

At St. Mary's, we promise that students will:

  • Be celebrated
  • Know that they matter
  • Feel supported, valued, and loved

St. Mary's Mission


Inspiring curiosity, kindness, and dignity in a caring Christian community.