Middle School is the culmination of all the careful nurturing, development, and skills learned throughout a student's journey at St. Mary's. Our students move out of the 'comfort zone' of working with one or two main teachers, as in previous years, and into the traditional middle school environment of individual specialist teachers for each subject area.

In Middle School, increased importance is placed on organizational skills, study habits, and time management. Students are taught to balance their studies and activities, develop responsibilities, and work as a member of a group or team. Students experience the opportunity to play school sports at the Junior Varsity level in 6th grade and at the Varsity level as 7th and 8th graders.

Leadership and responsibility are expectations placed on all of our students, resulting in strong, independent young adults who are keen to do well and to give of their time to help others. By the time they graduate from St. Mary's, our students are fully prepared for their secondary school experience, and are highly sought after by all local high schools. Our students are ready for the challenges ahead and carry with them the strong foundation they received at St. Mary's.