Students in all grades work with a variety of art media and technology to create 2D and 3D artwork, and they have an opportunity to learn about artists from different countries based upon our school wide global theme.

Artyology is an art history program that introduces six new artists a year for students in Prekindergarten – 4th grade. The artists are presented by parent volunteers using projected digital images. Students follow up their investigation of the artists’ work by applying art media, technique or style used by the artist to create their own original art work.

Students are able to exhibit their art work in the St. Mary’s student art gallery that rotates four times a year. Students showing their art work in the student gallery are featured in a video at school assemblies.

Field trips to local museums, art galleries and studios help broaden students’ appreciation for art.

Middle school students look forward to sketchbooks, stop motion animation projects on the iPad, printmaking on a press, advanced clay hand-building techniques, mixed-media projects, and creating QR codes to let viewers have an interactive experience viewing their artwork.