Spanish Program:
In PreKindergarten through third grade, our students are immediately immersed in hearing and speaking Spanish. They recite poetry, listen to stories, sing songs, and move their bodies to music, all activities which keep them engaged and learning. We focus on a variety of common daily topics in order to build the skills needed for productive conversation in the current environment. The lower grades receive instruction on basic grammatical concepts, and a scaffolding approach is used to reinforce those concepts with reviews, where the children use practice activities to put their knowledge to work on their own or in groups. As students move through PreK - third grade, they first hear and speak Spanish, then they begin to read written words, sentences, and paragraphs, and finally begin the basic writing process so the transition to fourth grade is seamless.
In fourth grade, students begin the transition into a more grammar-based curriculum.  There is a strong focus on the Spanish phonetic system, spelling, basic subject/verb reciprocity, forming sentences, and asking questions. Our fourth graders learn through a variety of games, songs, and activities. The fifth grade curriculum expands upon the phonetics, grammar, and vocabulary mastered in fourth grade with a greater emphasis on speaking, writing, and oral communication. Our fifth graders will also explore the geography and culture of four different Spanish-speaking countries. The fifth grade year in Spanish culminates with a competition between the two homerooms.  Spanish is used as the language of instruction for both fourth and fifth grades.
After completing a year of sixth grade Latin, students will commit to either Spanish or Latin for seventh and eighth grade.  Students who choose Spanish will complete the equivalent of a high school Spanish I class by the end of their eighth grade year. Both grades are taught primarily in Spanish, and grammatical concepts are explained using both languages. The goal of our middle school Spanish program is to prepare students to move into Spanish II as high school freshmen.
Latin Program:

In sixth grade, all students are required to take Latin and are introduced to the language and ancient Roman civilization.  Students learn vocabulary and basic grammar concepts, including noun inflection, subject-verb agreement, and verb conjugation. Emphasis is placed on how English words are derived from Latin words. There is an auditory component in the study of this “dead” language. Students also read stories from Greek and Roman mythology, and they participate in costumes at an Olympian Banquet.

In seventh grade, students who choose Latin begin a two-year course. Along with vocabulary and derivatives, students learn essential grammar concepts, including noun declension and case usage, verb conjugation, tense and voice, and how Latin sentences are structured. The primary objective is to build skill in reading Latin. Other objectives include strengthening English grammar and vocabulary, learning concepts transferable to the study of modern languages, acquiring familiarity with ancient Roman civilization and sharpening analytical skills. Students have the opportunity to compete in annual contests, both locally and nationally. This class continues through eighth grade and is equivalent to Latin I at the high school level.