The primary division of St. Mary’s Episcopal Day School is where the journey of childhood, that began at home with parents as the teachers, moves ahead into the classroom environment. Each teacher embraces both the child and the family so the journey continues in steady, smooth steps. In our developmentally appropriate, nurturing Christian environment we help our students learn by doing, through playful interactions and by developing the talents of each child. Stimulating and challenging activities and materials are combined with a variety of teaching methods to ensure that we are supporting all of our students’ learning styles and respecting their developmental differences.

Each grade level builds on the concepts and work ethic of the year before to guide the students toward higher levels of reading, writing, and math. Sciences, social studies, and enrichment activities such as the arts and physical education, round out our academic curriculum. We also help our students grow by fostering their independence, organizational skills, and time management. Problem-solving and critical thinking skills are challenged at all levels. Each child’s character development is nurtured throughout all of their experiences. Each of our children has unique gifts and talents to share. We are excited to join in the journey of recognizing and fostering all of them. 
"Childhood is a journey, not a destination."