Student Life


St. Mary's has many annual events and activities. From holiday festivities to exciting campus guests and  field trips, St. Mary's students enjoy many learning experiences outside the classroom.

Accelerated Reader

Accelerated Reader is a reading incentive program established at St. Mary's in 1996. It is designed to encourage children to read outside the required curriculum, improve reading skills, and develop a love of reading. St. Mary's parents can find detailed information about the program in the Accelerated Reader folder on their First Class desktops.

Student Council

The Student Council is made up of Middle School students elected by their peers to plan activities and events for the school. Some of the big events include Spirit Week, the annual food drive, drese down days, and Middle School dances. The annual "Food Drive for Metropolitan Ministries" is sponsered by the Student Council every year in November to donate food for the local community.

Special Grade Level Activities

Beginning in Fifth Grade, St. Mary's students enjoy a series of overnight trips designed to enhance cooperative effort and promote trust and team building. These trips bring the participants closer together as a class, and they have become highly anticipated by all the students.

John A. Shepard Field Day

John A. Shepherd was the headmaster of St. Mary's from 1980-1991, and Field Day is named in his honor. The student body is divided into two teams, Gold and Blue, and they compete against each other in outdoor activities and in the Knowledge Bowl. 


Having varsity and junior varsity levels in most team sports allows maximum participation for students. The current no-cut policy places athletes on the team where they can be the most successful. Coaches all come from within our school community and most teams play in the Florida West Coast League made up of 12 other private schools. St. Mary's has an outstanding history of league and tournament championship teams. In addition, St. Mary's has been the proud recipient of the league sportsmanship award four out of five years since its inception.

Boys Season Girls
Soccer September - October Volleyball
Cross Country September - October Cross Country
Basketball November - January Basketball, Soccer, Cheerleading
Track and Field February Track and Field
Tennis March - May Tennis
Baseball March - May Softball


Community Service Projects

Students participate in community service projects each year at St. Mary’s. It is important for our students to learn the value of serving others in their community and to learn they can make a difference in the world. The community service projects are listed below by grade level.

PreK and Kindergarten: Metropolitan Ministries (

1st grade: St. Joseph’s Children’s Hospital (

2nd grade: Adams House (

3rd grade: Kids for Canines (

4th grade: Bakas Horse Center (

5th grade: Cornerstone Kids (

6th grade: Tree of Hope 

7th grade: Meals on Wheels ( and Pennies for Papoli (

8th grade: Faith Café ( and Lavoy Center (